Building The First & Largest Banana Ecosystem In India.

Marketplace for Bananas, its by-parts & value-added products

Who We Are

Greenikk is building a banana farmer-centric digital ecosystem backed by a technology stack. We are disrupting & digitizing the entire banana value chain by building a full-stack solution for bananas. Ohkela is a brand under Greenikk.

We are solving the problems for every stakeholders, from Banana Farmers, Processing Units, Commission Agents, Bulk B2B Buyers, to Fibre Buyers and the problems in the entire banana value chain. Greenikk considers the Banana as a plant rather than just a fruit, with the value from all the parts of the banana plant, Leaf, Stem, and Flower which are currently going to waste.

AI & IOT Led Ecosystem for Bananas


Market Linkage, Agri Inputs, Advisory, Crop Calendar Management based on demand, Revenue increased by 50%, Crop
failure rate reduced by 30%

Traders / Commission Agents

Right graded produce, Fair Pricing, Working Capital Support, 100% Transparency from Dispatch to Delivery with Kela App

Processing / Food Companies

Right grade of Produce, Fair Pricing, Working Capital Support, Production Planning, Increased yield, Traceability

Value Added Product Buyers

Organised Marketplace for Banana Fibre, Stem, Flower & its Value Added Products 

What We Do


Why Bananas ?

India is the largest producer of bananas in the world with 26% market share of the world’s production.

As per NRCB reports, India produced 32.6 Million Tons of Bananas in 2020 with a land area of 9.6 Lakh Hectares under production, 10 Million + Stakeholders in the banana value chain.

"We are building India’s most Efficient & Transparent value chain For Banana’s."



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